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Restaurante O Pátio

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This luxurious restaurant opened its door on the square in 1964, and is one of the oldest restaurants of the area. The original water well has been converted into a wine cellar and is decorated with old Port-wine Barrels. As well as prime cuts of fresh fish, meats and seafood, other specialities include first class paella. O Pátio has been considered as one of the top 50 restaurants in Portugal.

The restaurant opens all year around with air-conditioning in summer and a fireplace in winter which makes a cosy atmosphere. Terraces facing the beach and sea, bring a nice cool breeze on hot summer nights... don't forget to make a reservation!


  • Rampa do Paraíso - Edf. P.4
  • 8400-522 - - Lagoa
  • Tel: (+351) 282 350 590 | Fax: (+351) 282 350 599
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