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Cultugarve is a Cultural Organization, with the main purpose of organizing and promoting cultural events, mostly musical ones, with the focus on attracting more tourists to Algarve, also during the winter season.

Cultugarve is a non-profit organization, working with his own funds. During the last four years we have been promoting Art and Culture in the Algarve.

So far we already organized and financed more than 1.100 concerts.

Cultugarve has a website, only with cultural events in Algarve,, a page on Facebook, and also an online journal. Through these platforms, we already reached over ten millions of visualizations. In total we reached a public of dozens of millions of people, residents and tourists. One of Cultugarve’s current projects, "Algarve Warmest Winters", seeks to spread during the summer months, while the tourist affluence is higher, the best there is to see and do during the winter months. 


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