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Associação Turismo de Portimão

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Portimão Promotion Bureau (Associação Turismo de Portimão) is a legal entity by private law, under the shape of a non-profit association with the following aims:

To develop sustainable tourism in the Municipality of Portimão, through cooperation between the City and, Public or private Entities developing activities in the tourism sector. 
Tourist Promotion and dissemination of Portimão and its products, through the study, development and preparation of specific actions in foreign markets. 
. Its main goal is to increase Portimão's brand awareness, throughout his communication and action


  • Largo da Lota , Edifício da Antiga Lota de Portimão
  • 8500-300 - Portimão - Portimão
  • Tel: (+351) 282 402 487 | Fax: (+351) 282 410 445
  • Email: info@visitportimao.com
  • Website:  www.visitportimao.com