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The Algarve’s gastronomy is distinguished by the diversity of local products from land and sea. On the coast, the most favoured dishes are mainly cooked with fresh fish and tasty shellfish rivalling with the famed octopus always appreciated in the region's restaurants. The cataplana de amêijoas (clam cataplana), the caldeirada de peixe (fish stew), the sardinhas assadas (grilled sardines), and the fresh tuna arouse unique flavours in the varied dishes created by the people from the coastline. In cities, towns and villages in the inland areas, meat sausages generously spiced with garlic and paprika are indispensable to cook the traditional dishes such as the delicious feijoada (stew beans) and the cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew). The hunting practice common in the municipalities of the Serra Algarvia, also offers delicious game dishes seasoned with wild herbs.

Dried fruits such as almonds and figs, typically used in regional sweet treats are irresistible, after a meal inspired by flavours from both the inland and the sea, especially when tasted with one of the excellent wines produced in the Algarve, regularly awarded with several international prizes. To go with dessert, the region liqueurs are recommended, among which the famous Medronho, a traditional fruit liquor made from the fruit of the medronho trees that grow on the inner Algarve.