In books all fairy tales end with “and they lived happily ever after”.

In the Algarve, those fairy tales come true! Here you will find everything you need to turn your wedding into the occasion you have always dreamed of and make it an unforgettable experience!

Let’s start with the wedding scene. What do you have in mind?

A wedding in a golden sand beach to the sound of the waves? A terrace with a breath-taking view over the ocean? Or do you imagine yourself saying “yes” in a rural, relaxed atmosphere under a romantic starry sky? If you love a good fairy tale, the beautiful manors and historical sites in this region will be hard to resist. Are you into a private ceremony in a place where you can feel at home and celebrate the happiest day of your life surrounded by those you love the most? Or would you be happy to experience such moment in a more glamorous way in a luxury, sophisticated setting?

In the Algarve, there are so many options for your dream wedding that we dare to say we have the ideal place for your every requirement and that we can face any challenge. Blow your guests away with a unique scenery that will be imprinted in everyone’s memory!

Here you can also find all services you will be needing to organize your wedding so that your only task will be to relax and fully enjoy your wedding day!

Our professional, specialised and highly experienced teams are available to prepare an event tailored to your needs, while considering every detail and advising on several matters. The art of welcoming and hospitality, inherent to Portuguese people, are combined with the professionalism and excellent, differentiating service that will ensure that everything goes according to planned so you can enjoy you dream wedding!

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by this region and discover all aspects that make the Algarve a unique destination. Enjoy the sunny, mild weather all year round that is perfect for outdoor events. Taste our food and world-class wines, capable of surprising even the most demanding persons. Explore the variety of activities that can be performed during your stay. Provide your family and friends before or after the wedding with thrilling programmes that are more than mere entertainment and that guarantee the creation of good set of memories.

There are so many options that you will find yourself in trouble to choose one! From relaxing evenings at the beach, boat tours or water sports, for sea lovers; rounds of golf in some of the world’s best golf courses, hikes or bicycle rides for those who love nature; castles, museums or traditional market tours for those who want to dive in regional culture and habits; or even exploring local flavours in traditional settings or modern, renowned venues, for all those who love a good delicacy.

One final remark: did you know the diversity of flight connections and access and transportation networks turn the Algarve into an easy location to reach?

What about now? Are you already imagining yourself getting married in the Algarve?

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