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Imagine a place where the sun wraps itself around you like a second skin, and where the air is so clean and fresh you can almost taste it. A place with long sandy beaches and magnificent hills designed for walking. Where luxury hotels and resorts offer the best spa treatments, and where days can be spent burning off the calories in a host of active pursuits, or simply stretched out beside the pool, depending on how the mood takes you. A place that is truly peaceful, where the stresses and strains of modern life can be forgotten.
Now imagine all this is a little more than two hours away. The name of this magical place? The Algarve.

A sound mind and a sound body have always complemented each other, and the Algarve's spas combine tailored fitness programmes, balanced nutrition, medical supervision and a range of treatments from the therapeutic to the sensual, in a relaxed and friendly ambiance, enabling the body to detox and revitalise and the mind to relax and refresh.


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