Algarve SPA Week - Launching Event at Designer Outlet Algarve


Start the journey towards Bio & Balance and immerse yourself in a wellness and tranquillity sensation you’ve never experienced before, for the perfect harmony between body and mind. 
The Journey begins on the 7th and 8th April at the Designer Outlet Algarve, where you can discover an exclusive showroom with 9 luxury Spas, complimentary demonstrations of treatments, product line presentation, the opportunity to book your Algarve Spa Week appointment (treatments with limited availability), and many other surprises. 
On April 8th, do not miss the free classes we have organized for you at the Designer Outlet Algarve: 
11:00 – Pilates
12:00 – Mindfulness for children
15:00 – Yoga Flow
15:30 – Yoga for children
16:00 – Low Pressure Fitness
16:30 – Stretching 

Explore the world of Bio & Balance with 9 magnificent Spas at irresistible prices. Check out all the available offers here: