My Sunrise Mini-Yoga Retreat on a Lost Island


June 30 | July 14, 29 | August 8, 18, 29 | September 7, 16, 26

There are many retreats that offer yoga or detox but very few deliver a full experience in just half a day on the most stunning coast of the Algarve.

Our retreat is born out of a burning desire to create rapid change for more health, happiness and a stronger connection with yourself in a shorter period of time... The transformation begins when you depart on a secret cruise to an unknown island, surrounded by wild nature.

Explore the benefits of sound-healing meditation and yoga, to feel reconnected, re-booted and ready to enjoy the rest of your holidays.

A delicious locally sourced, sustainable brunch will wait for you on board. Taste some of the local ingredients and learn about their benefits and what it really means to be healthy and fit. 

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