Virtual Fam Trip
Day 1

The day starts with a view from your balcony, either over the Atlantic blue sea or the green Algarve mountains. This journey started last night upon arrival at Faro's international airport on a direct flight over most of the main cities in Europe.

After a relaxing night in one of our beautiful hotels, today we're headed to Sagres to visit the Fortress and St. Vincent's cape and lighthouse, the most south western point of mainland Europe. Next time, we'll take some time to enjoy an amazing sunset in this magical place.

Sagres Fortress was built by Prince Henry the Navigator in the 15th century as a nautical school to start the Portuguese Discoveries of Brazil, Africa and the nautical routes to India and Asia - it’s a place of great historical and symbolic value.

St. Vincent´s lighthouse, at the cape, stands at a former medieval convent. The legend says it housed the mortal remains of São Vicente (St Vincent). The lighthouse has one of the brightest lights, visible up to 60 miles.

Heading north along the coast through the Vicentine Coast Nature Park to Aljezur we will discover the unspoiled beautiful and famous surfing beaches like Amado, Carrapateira, Arrifana and Odeceixe as well as enjoying some of the most stunning scenarios of our region, exploring by foot Rota Vicentina, one of Europes’s Leading Quality Trails.

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Estimated travelling time:
Faro - Sagres » 1H20m
Sagres - Odeceixe » 1H


Lunch time to enjoy the Mediterranean flavours of the Algarve's cuisine - you can pick one of the Algarve's restaurants from this list here


Back to the Algarve's south coast, we will visit the historical city of Lagos. Inhabited since 2.000 B.C., on the 15th and 16th century’s Lagos was the main port of arrival and departure of the vessels that explored the African coast. There are quite a few not to be missed points in Lagos like the city walls, the former slave’s market, Ponta da Bandeira Fort and the church of Santo António with its small Museum on the side.

We still have time to visit famous beaches like Porto de Mós, the Instragramable Camilo beach and the awarded Dona Ana beach.

To end our day, we'll take a small fishing boat to visit the caves at Ponta da Piedade, an impressive rock formation both seen from its top or bottom inside the natural caves. We will see an unforgettable view of the sunset from here.

Estimated travelling time:
Odeceixe - Lagos » 1H


Time to relax at the hotel's Spa before the evening meal.
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And maybe our gastronomy book for ideias for dinner?

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