Let´s rock the Rota! VILA JOYA // ALGARVE


Let´s rock the Rota! VILA JOYA // ALGARVE

November 15th to 18th, 2018 - 3 dinner and one sunday lunch!
Come and join us and Chefs Stefan Heilemann, Syrco Bakker, Jörg WörtherSerge VieiraSimon TaxacherHans Neuner and Dieter Koschina!

The Stars Route Festival takes place exclusively in Michelin-starred restaurants.
It was held for the first time in 2010 with the aim of promoting Portuguese haute cuisine.
Since then, it has taken place annually, touring the country from north to south, normally from March to November,
and now ventures into Spain as well. It is currently one of the country’s most important culinary festivals,
bringing the major players in haute cuisine together to interact, and promoting its national and international visibility . ..


With two Michelin stars, since 1999, Vila Joya is one of the leading restaurants in Portugal’s gastronomy scene, not only because of its unique location, offering magnificent views over the Algarve coastline, but also due to Chef Dieter Koschina’s unique style of cuisine. Here, in an exquisite yet homy atmosphere, the chef combines local fresh produce and traditional Algarvean ingredients with classic techniques from France’s haute cuisine. The end result is an array of unforgettable dishes, with a distinct character, which will leave a deep emotional mark in your memory and palate . ..

Dieter Koschina ** (Host)


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